Why have Caraholics cover your event?


         OUTSTANDING ADVERTISING: The Shirts, Jackets, Prints and screensavers purchased, featuring your show name, are the greatest advertising available. We all know word of mouth is the best advertising, and I assure you our customers will show everyone their purchase featuring an actual photo of their car at your show.

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         CARAHOLICS has cultivated many loyal customers, over the past 4 years, that look for Caraholics covered events to get more items. They even send their friends to events to get their cars photographed by Caraholics.net. Where else can they have someone take a photo of their car, design and produce it into a custom one of a kind shirt, all for under $30.00!!

         UNEQUALLED WEB COVERAGE: The entire album of photos we take of YOUR SHOW will be made available to the world for viewing online at www.caraholics.net

         If a reasonable reduction is given for registration we also provide a free proof album of the entire show! (Additional alums are available for $3.00 per sheet) a 500 shot album, a $75 value!

          Free access to hi resolution photos for advertising or flyers.

          If you have a show website we will add a link from the Caraholics Calendar, to your site, so perspective participants can get info & down load your pre-registration form.




1. We are now designing Event Art and screen printing top quality event shirts, Dash & Award Plaques.


2. We are starting to do digitally mastered videos of select events.



Looking forward to hearing from you.


Keep Cruzin',              

Mark Cornelson

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